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'These Dreams' Songset by Milanity 'These Dreams' Songset :iconmilanity:Milanity 1 2 Set of 12 LiveJournal Icons by Milanity Set of 12 LiveJournal Icons :iconmilanity:Milanity 6 2
A dance, a trance, an intricate weave,
A turn, we learn, what it is to decieve,
A friend, a foe, a broken beginning,
A scream, a dream, a flight neverending,
All for the hope of light everlasting,
We journey into a world of requiem.
:iconmilanity:Milanity 0 2
The Rebirth of the Gryphon
Heat lightning crashed against a black sky, smudged with hues of purple and blue. Tall trees surrounded a large clearing, which was bare of greenery and life, the soil hard, dry and cracked. The clearing was almost a perfect circle, and it was surrounded by thick shrubbery that looked to be poisonous if touched, as well as thick trees and large boulders. The only safe way in and out of the clearing was through a long, dark, and small cave that was seemingly drilled into a large boulder. The cave was filled with crystallized feathers, in vibrant hues locked within glasslike cases. Other such feathers were strewn about the clearing, yet there was no sign of the creatures the feathers belonged to. Nests made of dead grasses and feathers were also strewn about, in small holes dug into the cold dirt. It seemed that the race of once beautiful creatures that had inhabited this corrupted paradise was now gone, extinct because of some sort of demise that had literally eaten them alive. A small
:iconmilanity:Milanity 0 2
Feather... Love... by Milanity Feather... Love... :iconmilanity:Milanity 0 2 DevID for Cold-Suicide by Milanity DevID for Cold-Suicide :iconmilanity:Milanity 0 0
The Pookism Bible
The Bible of Pookisim.
Pookies are to be revered and respected, for pookies are the source of all good things. Praise the fluffy, cuddly, chewed on softness of pookies and forevermore make pookie goodness forever and ever.... and ever. Those who refuse to snuggle the fluffy goodness that is the pookie shall be smited and banished to the onion-stench stuffing place nobody likes to talk about. Those who embrace the pookness shall live in eternal fluffyness and rise up to the land of rubber ducks and stuffing particals... oh and sugar.
And so begins the first book of Pookism, Radishes.
In the beginning the world was covered with radishes. They talked in urban slang and wore cowboy hats and high heels. And the seas were salsa and the land was charred pie crust. There was also the onion people, tall, willowy and bald. And they stunk. Badly. Up in the place of eternal fluffyness the council of poptarts reigned, and they were mad. There were seven. Eckgard, Jellyfish, Ungerd, Fwee, Shwa
:iconmilanity:Milanity 0 0
DevID, woo. by Milanity DevID, woo. :iconmilanity:Milanity 0 0
Mature content
Untitled Chapter 1 Finished :iconmilanity:Milanity 0 4
Amber Eyes
Through the brush, around the tomb, amber eyes a'whirling,
A predator stalks her prey, whip-like tail a'curling.
The clouds gather, the wind blows -
The sea crashes 'gainst the shore.
A predator stalks her prey, closer than before.
A storm brews, a hawk calls,
Nature's wrath a'showing,
Never seen, within the dark,
By amber eyes a'whirling.
:iconmilanity:Milanity 0 0


r en o vi e re n by Dabatross r en o vi e re n :icondabatross:Dabatross 3 5



throws jellybeans at you. ._.
United States
Current Residence: My room.
Operating System: Windows XP Professional.
Wallpaper of choice: Mine.
Personal Quote: Look before you leap.
I've just been kind of boycotting DA for lack of something to really show. I guess I could upload the Lj icons I've made... paste 'em together an' such... eh, works. I'll do that. =x Just for something to show off. I've been rather busy with Furc - Got accepted for Welcomer and all that. Also my website is now the most kickassest thing in the world. >p Ummmm. Yes, icons. Also... chapter two of Untitled. I've kind of got that on hiatus because I'm not sure if anyone will really, ehm, give a crap if I kept writing. =/ I dunno.



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